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Portrait Mummy




Roman portrait mummy. Female Greek teacher. Wrapped in linen with rhomboid swathing and portrait painted on linen prepared with a thin layer of plaster. Name and profession (Hermione Grammatike) written in Greek to left of portrait. Flax string (perhaps for mummy label) attached above the foot


Hermione Grammatike (in Greek)


Body: length 159 cm; width at shoulders 41 cm Portrait: length 30.5 cm; width 21 cm


Cloth. Linen. Plaster. String. Human remains




AD 1-100


Hawara, Faiyum, Egypt



Acquisition Source:

British School of Archaeology in Egypt, through contributions of Girton year 3 students + others

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Collection History:

Wm. Flinders Petrie’s excavation at Hawara, Fayum (BSAE). Acquired through contribution to excavations of å£20.00, 1911

Archival Records:

GCAR 8/4/14 (main); GCAR 8/4/12; GCAR 8/4/15; GCAR 8/4/31/2


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Keyword Variations:

Place: Faiyum


Margaret Murray: date given as 1st-4th century AD

Intellectual Authority:

Euphrosyne Doxiadis 1995: description; Lucilla Burn and Sally-Ann Ashton 2005: valuation